Welcome to Fuchu Meikyo Gakuen!     Enjoy our HP!  




September 17th "Eating and Drinking Silently"

During the state of emergency, we make it a rule to eat and drink silently at lunch time. We are spending our school lives with attention of preventing infection like not taking during lunch time. We have to overcome this terrible corona wreck.

8月19日「山・海・島 宿泊体験活動(2日目)」


August 19th "Mountain・Sea・Island accommodation experience activity(Day2)"

The 5th graders soon got to know each other. Last night they had an indoor campfire and it could be very exciting. They will have unforgettable two days by challenging the grilled plates and the cutter training. They plan to return to school at 18:00. We have to thank the staff of Kibi Youth Nature House for accepting us by the measure of avoiding corona virus.

8月18日「山・海・島 宿泊体験活動(1日目)」


August 18th "Mountain・Sea・Island accommodation experience activity(Day1)"

The 5th graders visits the Kibi Youth Nature House for two days from today. They were very nervous to join the departure ceremony because they couldn’t sleep well last night. But they could enjoy lunch after the orientation. We care about this corona virus situation and the weather. But we hope them to experience various things they can’t do in their daily school lives.



August 17th "PTA environment maintenance work has been cancelled."

Thank you for understanding our school's educational activities. The PTA environment maintenance work scheduled for August 22nd has been cancelled. We apologize for this cancellation.



July 28th "Mock company LinkS homepage"

The 8th grade started a mock company LinkS last year. And they set up a new homepage as "a company which connects with customers and the community". From now on, we would like them to learn various things through the management activities of the company. Please take a look!



July 13th "Flower Planting"

Life Beautification Committee planted Portulaca given by Takeuchi Farm. We worried about the weather, but fortunately the heavy rain stopped suddenly. So we could work in a cool environment. The students thought about the location of planting each seedlings. We will have very warm days from now on, but our committee is going to work together to grow them.



July 13th "Unmanned sales!"

The 5th graders got the cucumbers they have raised for comprehensive study. The students all worked together to water and give much sunshine lights. And they grew up big. The 5th graders have started unmanned sales near the school gate. You can buy a 30 yen cucumber and get two of them per person. We hope them to continue to learn to grow something responsibly. It's a good vegetable for hot summer. Please try it!



June 30th "The bud of the space morning glory!"

Fuchu Lions Club gave us the descendants of the morning glory seeds which traveled with the astronaut Naoko Yamazaki in 2010. The first graders have watered. Finally we could find the buds. They are growing toward space. They will bloom beautiful flowers in this summer. The flower language of the morning glory is "love" and "unity". We hope the students to realize the importance of raising something and cooperating.



June 23rd "Completion of Educational Training"

On June 23rd, Mr.Kishifusa, who graduated this school before, completed his educational training. He taught us not only social studies class but also many things such as shamisen. He is very approachable. So many students talked to him and felt the joy of communication. We hope that this experience could be treasure not only for him but also for the students.



June 17th "Please do your best, Mexico team!"

On June 17th, every students wrote letters for Mexico teams of table tennis and Boccia they will participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Fuchu City is the place for training camp. Students learned about Mexico and Boccia, and the experiences fostered their international understanding and the realization of a barrier-free society. The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming soon. Please do your best, Mexico team!!



June 5th,6th,and 12th "Fukuyama District Spring Tournament"

On June 5th, 6th and 12th, The students in the basketball, soft tennis, volleyball, and kendo club joined the Fukuyama District Spring Tournament. They performed very well owing to the measure to prevent the corona viruses. The girl soft tennis team won the 4th place. Takeyama and Murai won the 6th place in the individual division. They will participate in the prefectural championship next month. We want them to make use of this experiences such as not giving up, putting all their energy in a moment, trusting teammates. The swimming competition will be held on June19th. Our school will support them !!



June 11th "Career Orientation"

On June 11th, we held a career orientation for 9th graders. The teachers from 7 high schools came here to talk about the details of each school. It was a good opportunity for them to listen seriously and think of their own courses. We hope them to consider what they should do for their future.



June 2nd "Let’s walk our school road!"

On June 2nd, first graders went to the riverside by walking the school road. We cared the weather condition, but they started well and utilized their understanding of the traffic rule. They walked with curious minds while looking for the traffic signs and buildings. We will teach them to deepen the understanding about the community around them.



May 19th "Traffic Rule Class"

On May 19th, we held the traffic rule class for first graders. All of them listened carefully that accidents sometimes occur when students go home. For protecting safety, it is important for us to follow the traffic rules first. We hope them to remind "stopping," "seeing," and "waiting" when they use a pedestrian crossing.



April 28th "General Meeting of Students"

On April 28th, we had a general meeting of students. Requests for school events, questions about committee activities, and answers were made remotely. The theme of Student Organization is "Ungai Soten" this year. This means that if we overcome the troubles, we will have good results. They expressed their determination, "Let's overcome it as a team. That will improve school life!"



April 23th "Open Day・PTA Committees"

On April 23th, there was a open day and PTA committees. This day was a weekday, but many parents and local people came here to see. It was the day that we could feel "the community in the school". Thank you for understanding of our school activities. And let's develop Fuchu Meikyo Gakuen together this year.



April 23th "Start Curriculum"

On April 23th, "Start Curriculum" for new 1st graders which started on April 8th has ended. We worked on that curriculum with the intention of fusing multiple subjects and learning while having fun so that they could get used to the new school life. We asked the local people to see the new 1st graders. Thank you for supporting our educational activities.



April 14th "Visit of Hirakawa Superintendent"

On April 14th, Hirakawa superintendent came to our school to see the students studying hard with the local people. The students will find their own challenges, learn independently and interactively, foster the deep learning as Fuchu Meikyo Community School. And they will grow up with these aspects.



April 7th "Entrance Ceremony"

On April 7th, we held an entrance ceremony by welcoming 29 new students. They entered the gym with a tense appearance with the 7th graders. Let’s experience a lot of things, make a lot of friends, and enjoy our school life!!



April 6th "Inauguration Ceremony / Opening Ceremony"

On April 6th, we held a remote inauguration and opening ceremony. The students looked very happy by welcoming new nine teachers.Now, this is the start of 3rd year of Reiwa. Let's do our best!!



March 27th "Clean Day"

On March 27th, the CS Environmental Safety Committee waxed the school despite the holiday. We all can feel the thoughts of the local people trying to clean up the school for the students to learn. Next month, the 29 first grade students are coming here.



March 26th "the Saxphone Donation"

Mr. Utsumi from Kusa-cho donated three saxophones. Those are a soprano saxophone, an alto saxophone, and a tenor saxophone. The brass band club will create more beautiful sounds by the heartful support of the local person. We really appreciate the donation of expensive musical instruments.



March 10th "Graduation Ceremony"

On March 10th , the 4th Graduation Ceremony was held. Since the coronavirus is still far from over, the ceremony was held by limiting the number of participants and shortening the time of the event. It was a very moving one because of the students’ outstanding response when their names were called. And the remarkable speech of the graduate representative. We hope that all the graduates will make great use of what they have learned here at Fuchu Meikyo Gakuen.



March 9th "Company Establishment Ceremony"

On March 9th, 7th grade students set up a mock company based on the management concept of "contributing to the society by building connections among customers, communities and companies." Hence, we named "LinkS". Since it is based on the concept of "connecting", we held a company establishment ceremony with many guests from different local companies and Fuchu City Hall. We hope that the 7th graders will have valuable experience through company management and may they foster their abilities to think, judge and act independently. We also hope that they will continue to give joy and express their gratitude to other people.



February 12th "Murasaki Lab Open"

On February 12th, the Murasaki Lab opened to embody the catch phrase "school in the community, community in the school" under the three "tsu" concepts of "tsudou", "tsukuru", and "tsutaeru". Although it was a weekday, but many people still came. For the opening event, an online concert of taiko drums by "Garyu", a presentation of Happy + by 8th graders, and a vegetable market (sales) were held. We realized that our school is supported by many people in the community. Please feel free to come visit us at Murasaki Lab!



February 5th "Latter Course Briefing Session"

On February 5th, a briefing was held for 6th graders and their parents. Throughout their time in the latter course, they will have more classes and they will need to join club activities after school. They can also now go to school by bicycle, which might change the way they spend their time at school. The sixth graders listened to the explanation intently. As the students move up to the latter course, may they learn a lot of things, enhance their sensibility and help improve Fuchu Meikyo Gakuen.



January 14th "Drone Programming and Me in the Future"

On January 14th, the 5th graders studied a programming experience by using drones. It was the third programming class at our school. We thought programming as "writing the tasks that we want the computer to do in order". So the students positively gave instructions and had the drones fly. At first, the drones didn't order smoothly according to their wishes. But they continued to learn from what they’ve done with their conversations, "Let's try next time". They will keep on trying through successes and failures to improve their thinking process. Mayor Ono and Deputy Mayor Murakami of Fuchu city visited our school. Also we had interviews with media companies. We will tell you about our experiences. So please look forward to it.



January 7th, " 3rd Semester Opening Ceremony"

On the morning of January 7th, we had the 3rd semester opening ceremony. As 1st and 2nd semesters, we couldn't hold the ceremony in the gym. However, we held it remotely from the principal's and student council’s rooms. We projected it on a large monitor in every classroom, and projected the live video on students’ chrome books. Besides thinking of our conclusion of this year, new members of the student council expressed their beliefs. It could be the start of a motivated new year.



December 24th, " 2nd Semester Closing Ceremony"

Yesterday we had the closing ceremony for second semester. Like the first semester, the ceremony was broadcast, but it was experimentally remoted and displayed with a large monitor. The fifth and sixth graders used their chromebooks for the remoted ceremony. We couldn’t predict this kind of closing ceremony last year, but we may be at an important turning point in the times and society.


福山市新市町の有木株式会社 取締役 有木攻太様より、児童・生徒1人に2枚ずつマスクをいただきました。5月の臨時休校中にも寄贈していただいたので、今回の配付が2回目となります。ありがとうございます。今日から冬休みに入っていますが、細やかな手洗い、マスク着用、部屋の換気等、感染防止対策を引き続き行ってください。 それでは、令和2年も残すところ、あとわずかです。誰もが安心・安全に過ごせる日が、一日も早く訪れますように。Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

December 24th, "Donated Masks"

Mr.Ariki, the director of Ariki Co., Ltd. in Shinichi, Fukuyama gave the students two face masks each. It is already his second donation because he also gave masks during the temporary school closure in May. We appreciate it so much. While the students are on winter vacation, but we hope that they will continue to do precautionary measures to prevent infection, such as washing hands, wearing a mask and ventilating the rooms. We only have a few more days left before the new year. We hope that we can all soon spend our time safely. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



December 22nd, " "To the World of Books" Certificate of Appreciation Ceremony by Urakami Scholarship Foundation"

For our school, 272 books have been donated by the Urakami Scholarship Foundation for three years. On December 22nd, we held a ceremony in the principal's room because they expanded our world of books. Mr. Yamashita, who came as a representative, told us that the lesson of "cultivating" is to continue challenges and grow a big trunk. We think reading a book may be the gateway, a guide in the process, and a friend to walk with.



November 27th, "Donation of slippers"

On November 27, the fourth batch of the former 3rd Junior High School and the graduates from the former Meikyo Elementary school in 1960, donated 60 pairs of slippers to our school. This made us want to inherent history and traditions more. So we can have a better community.



December 11th, "Ekiden Race Battle"

On December 11th, we held Ekiden race battle for the 2nd year of Reiwa. There were 15 and 14 teams each. The boys ran from first to ninth wards, and the girls ran from first to tenth wards based on the average time of P.E. classes. It was the race in the cold weather, but every students ran very hard to connect the tasuki for the team. We have to make use of the spirit of "one for all, all for one" in our daily lives. In addition, we received the support of many volunteers from the our community. We appreciate you.



December third, "School Trip of eighth graders ②"

 December third, the eighth graders had Day 2 of school trip. They went to Nagasaki peace park and Atomic Bomb museum in the morning. They offered 1000 cranes and flowers and realized their wishes for peace. They were able to think about the importance of human lives and cooperation through the study of world peace and tragedy of war. Have a good trip!



December second, "School Trip of eighth graders ①"

On December 2, 8th graders went to northern Kyushu on a school trip. Today on the first day, they visited Kujukushima Pearl Resort, Oura Catholic Church, and Glover Garden. The students left school early in the morning at 6:45, but they were able to study without showing fatigue and be satisfied with the view and culture there. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow we will carry out the scheduled process. It will be a school trip with care to prevent coronavirus infection such as meals with vinyl gloves, but we hope this will be a memorable trip.



November 25th, "First Semester Course Ball Game"

On November 25th, a ball game tournament was held for the First Stage students. It was a round-robin competition with a mixed teams of 1st and 2nd graders, 3rd and 4th graders, and 5th and 6th graders by the idea of P.E committee. This was a good opportunity for students to be active and to enjoy playing and cheering, especially because there was no Sports Day this year. We'll continue to practice team work and cooperation even in our daily lives.



November 24th, "Election for Student Organization Officers"

The election for Student Organization was held on November 24th. Since there were three vice-chairman candidates, students had to vote for two vice-chairmen. The candidates made a wonderful speech. They talked about their plans on how they can achieve their goals. The voters listened to them through school broadcast. We hope that the current Student Organization will create a new system that will benefit the students. To the elected officers, we hope that they will not forget their goals and do their best to fulfill their promises.



November 16th "Second Semester Course Ball Game"

On November 16th, the Second Stage students had a ball game tournament. The boys played soccer while the girls played volleyball.It was round-robin competition. Since there was no Sports Day this year because of corona virus, this was the best time for students to move their bodies and enjoy the sports. The members of each team had the same goal and they all worked hard to achive it.



November 5th and 6th "The 4th School Cultural Festival"

The First Stage students held the cultural festival on November 5th, while the Second Stage students had theirs on November 6th. This year's theme was "Winter is coming, Spring is not far." Everyone was impressed with all the performances. Although it was held only in the afternoon, the students were able to successfully showcase the results of their hardwork and creative ideas. The performances of the brass band and other Meikyo clubs heated up the festival. Hopefully, we can make use of all the experiences we learned from this schoo festivals.


昔話部と本読堂の皆さんが、1年生を対象に、本の紹介をしてくださいました。昔話部は今年度初の読み語りです。ストーリーに登場してくるコメやカカシの実物を持ち込み、作品の世界へ没頭できるように準備してくださいました。また、生活科の学習単元である「秋みつけ」からのつながりで、カボチャ、サツマイモ、カラスウリ、チャノキ、ツバキなども実物を準備し、見せてくださいました。本物と出会い、本の世界に包まれた1時間でした。 また、今回は、広島県立図書館の「うちで読もうよ」~Stay Home Read Books! プロジェクトとのコラボレーション企画でもありました。広島県立図書館から、本校1・2年生向けに30数冊ほどお借りしています。また、読書を通して、新たな世界を冒険してみましょう。

October 28th 「To the world where books invite us」

The members of the old story club and Honyomido introduced the books to first graders. It was the first event for this year. They even brought real rice and scarecrows which appeared in one of the stories. They also showed pumpkins, sweet potatoes, crow squirrels, tea plants, and camellias, which are related with "Autumn Finding" in Environmental Studies. It was an hour spent on seeing real things and being immersed in the "book world". This was also a collaboration with the Hiroshima Prefectural Library's "Let's read at home" -Stay Home Read Books! Project. We have borrowed about 30 books for the first and second graders. Let's explore a new world through reading.



October 17th and 18th「Autumn P.E. competition in Fuchu」

The Autumn P.E. competition was held for two days at different venues in Fuchu city. This was the first tournament of the 7th and 8th graderes after the retirement of the 9th graders. It was a good opportunity to showcase the result of their trainung since August under the new team and to prepare them for next year. The women's basketball team and both the men's and women's soft teams achieved good results. Let's make use of this achievement and the challenges we encountered from this competition as we move forward to the next stage.

10月16日「4年生 福祉体験学習」


October 16th「welfare active learning for 4th graders」

The 4th graders are working on “the heart of compassion project” in the comprehensive study. It is to understand the situation and feelings of other people, and means the feelings or compassion itself.“Let’s live together(=welfare)” working on now is one of the studies fostering this heart of compassion. The Fuchu social welfare council helped us to ride on wheelchairs. And we experienced the difficulty for the elderly and worked on Braille experience. We could learn many things by these experiences. We learned that it's difficult to move on even a small step without wheelchairs and read Braille. We all will be conscious of the feeling when we act.



September 14th 「Beginning of the week, start with a lively morning greeting ! 」

It's getting cooler in the morning and evening. We can feel the deepening autumn. On such a refreshing morning with the cooperation of Fuchu Meikyo Lions, we provided the school attendance guidance. But we could hear their weak voice of greeting because of temporary closure of the school. On the first day of the week, we are working to start fresh school life with a lively greeting.



September 11th 「School Trip of the 6th graders(Day 2)」

The worried weather recovered in the morning and gave us sunny days. At Matsuyama Castle, it seems to lead the deep learning by the perspective of attacking it. It seems that every students concentrated on the Tobe ware painting. They seemed to spread their knowledge through the tours and experiences such as the Towel Museum and the Kurushima Straits. Please look forward to their stories.



September 10th 「School Trip of the 6th graders(Day 1)」

The 6th graders left for Shikoku area as a school trip for two days. It was such a fine day even though we had worried about the weather. Today, we visited the Shikoku Aquarium and Mintopia Besshi. After that, we are going to stay at Dogo Onsen. We all are fine and have a good first day. Tomorrow, we are going to go to Matsuyama Castle, Tobe ware as the painting experience, Towel museum, and riding on the observing ship at Kurushima Straits.



August 23th 「Cleaning Day 」

In the hot sun, we had the “Cleaning Day” held with students, teachers, PTA, and the local people. The dust and trash in the school building, and the grass around the school were removed due to everyone’s efforts. While taking care of heat stroke and hydration, many people gathered in spite of the holidays to prepare this environment for students to learn. We could feel the catch phrase of our school, “A school in the community! A community in the school!”.



August 20th 「 Mountain・Sea・Island accommodation experience activities (Day2) 」

The morning sun rises quietly in the fire place we enjoyed last night. On the Day 2, we made the grilled plates and climbed the wall. The cutter training, which should be held, was canceled because of high temperature. The 5th grade students were able to work on all the activities energeticly. It was the delicious meals that supported us while having infectious disease measures.



August 19th 「 Mountain・Sea・Island accommodation experience activities (Day 1) 」

Today the accommodation experience activity for 29 5th grade students has begun. This year, it is held at the National Kibi Youth Nature House in Okayama. It is very important for us to observe proper preventive measures against coronavirus and heat stroke. We will be having an icebreaker in the morning, games and outdoor cooking in the afternoon and a campfire in the evening.


8月17日、2学期始業式と表彰式が、校内放送によって行われました。竹内校長は「ハワイの諺に『no rain, no rainbow』雨が降らないと虹は出ない、というものがあります。そこで、これまでのコロナ禍の経験を建設的なものにしてほしいと思います。大事なことは経験したことを、自分でどのように解釈・理解したことに沿って、どのように行動するか、です。」と述べられました。また児童生徒会代表・加納源斗くんは「『Strive to be the best school~みんなでつくろう笑顔の輪~』のスローガンのもと、友達と一緒に協力し、たくさんのことにチャレンジして、最高の思い出を作っていこう」と発表しました。臨時休校後の1学期、そして短い夏休みなどこれまでの経験を糧とし、有意義な2学期にしていきましょう。

August 17th 「 Start of second term」

On August 17th, the opening of the second term and the award ceremony were held through school broadcast. Mr.Takeuchi,the school principal,shared in his message,"They have a saying in Hawaii that goes [no rain, no rainbow]. To all students, I hope that you make your experiences during this time of coronavirus productive and realize how you can make use of what you have learned from this experience." Meanwhile, Gento Kano, the representative of the studenr council said, "Let's cooperate with our classmates, try many things and make the best memories. We should [strive to be the best school] and [continue to pass on smiles]. Let's have a meaningful second term by making the most out of our experiences, including the ones we had during the first term and our short summer vacation.


8月1日、梅雨明け後の猛暑の中、府中市夏季総合体育大会が行われました。団体戦・チーム戦では、ソフトテニス部が男子・女子共に優勝を果たしました。選手だけでなく、クラブ全体・学校全体の「チーム力」で勝ち取った優勝でした。9年生の皆さん、お疲れさまでした。そして、最後まで諦めない姿勢も立派でした。ありがとうございました。ここまでは、「結果」です。 さて、ここからは、「創造」してみましょう。あなた自身は、優勝に導いた「チーム力」を、新しく始まった生活の中で、「何のために」「どのように」生かそうとしていますか。「9年生に学ぶ」ということは、部活動の大会で学んだことを普段の生活に生かすというだけではなく、再スタートをきる、ということではないでしょうか。

August 1st「 The last tournament for 9th graders 」

On August 1st, the Summer Tournament in Fuchu was held in the hot sunny day after the rain season. Both Boys’ and Girls’ Soft Tennis teams won the first place. This success is brought about not only by the strength of the each players, but by the strength of the team and the support of the school community. You, 9th graders, did a wonderful performance. We are very proud of your efforts and your “never giving up” attitude. Thank you so much. So far, I have only been talking about the “result”. From here on, let me talk about “Creating”. The question now is “What for and how are you going to use the strength of the team that you learned from this tournament?”. “Learn from 9th graders” not only having better days, but also embracing “a new start” for the future.



July 8th-10th 「 Free school visit of "Let's go to Fuchu Meikyo!"」

On July 8th to 10th, at our school, we had a free school visit for 3 days (only at 5th period) from July 8th to 10th, and there were 142 parents (total number). We are really thankful to you. Due to the wide seat space, some parents couldn’t enter the classroom (or it is difficult to enter) and others could attend the class only from the corridor to see what the children were doing in class. We apologize for any inconvenience. At our school, the environment is different from what it used to be, according to the "new lifestyle", but we will keep learning very hard.



July.9th「As a place to "learn from seniors in the area"」

On July 9th, the 1st community meeting was held with the representatives from each school district. The 9th grade students hosted the meeting and the 7th and 8th grade students interviewed the guests about "local issues and needs". The experience became a good avenue for them to deepen their understandings of "Comprehensive Study". In addition, the 9th grade students had the opportunity to be informed about the current and future town events.



July.3rd「Lifestyle of reading books」

The second “story telling” by Honyomido was held for 2nd-4th graders. The students are drawn into a different world each time they are presented with new books. As the number of books that the students increases, they will begin to realize the connection among books.This, in turn, could help them create their own individuarities someday. Don't you think we need to build a forest-like brain library (Takashi Saito) with that in mind?



June.29th「The 1st Meikyo Time」

“Meikyo Time”is a club activity of different grade levels that has started since 2009. There are currently 11 clubs, such as taiko, koto, tea flower arrangement, English, handbells and dance. This year, the number of club meeting reduced to eight times a year.We welcome local residents as instructors, which aims to create a more cultural and healthier school life. The first "Meikyo Time" was held on July 29th. The students were motivated in doing the activities, but at the same time, they enjoyed a lot.



June.26th「To use the toilet safely and securely」

On June 26th, 6 people working at Ogawa Econos Co., Ltd. disinfected and cleaned 11 toilets within the school buildings and gymnasiums for about 2 hours. Students realized that many people are willing to help and look after them, especially in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus. The words of gratitude "Thank you!" echoed throughout the school.



June.24th「Visit to the village of giant purple butterfly」

The 3rd grade students are studying about the local areas around the school in "Comprehensive Study". With the famous things in Fuchu City in mind, the students visited the shelter for "giant purple butterflies" because they were eager to learn more about them. The students were very happy to see the butterfries up close.



June.23rd「Exciting Exciting Town Exploration」

On June 23rd, the second grade students explored the town as part of Seikatsu or "Lifestyle Studies". We were initially worried about the weather, but good thing, we were blessed with a fine weather on the day itself. The students were divided into four groups-Chiishi post office, Hiroya, JA Shimokawabe branch and Kobayashi bakery. They were able to ask questions, be shown around areas where they normally can't enter and listen to a lot of stories. It was definitely an exciting experience for everyone.



June.19th「A world created by reading」

On the morning of June 19th, the Honyomido "local reading volunteer group" held a book-reading activity to students from first to fourth grade. We hope that through this activity, students will become more interested in reading, pick up books by themselves and understand the authors and characters to broaden the world in their hearts.(Their masks are handmade masks designed to keep their voice clear.)



June.11th「The second career orientation」

On June 11th , we held the second career orientation for ninth grade students. We had the people in-charge from six high schools come and talk about the features of their schools. The students listened intently while taking down notes. It was a day to ponder on the courses they want to take in the future.



June.1st「Complete restart of school」

On June 1st, school has officially started again. The students can now come to school after a long time. We think that the school will finally be back for good.It is quite different now because everyone should observe "social distancing". Let's "create" a new school life with "cooperation" and "devising" for everyone's sake.



May.18th「Start of voluntary schooling」

"Voluntary Schooling" has started on May 18th. The students were divided into two groups based on their locations. They were relieved to see their classmates after a long time. After the students went home, teachers disinfected the desks, chairs and door handles. We hope that you would feel safe when you come to school again next week.


5月7日、8日の2日間にわたり課題配付が行われました。ご家庭での様子をうかがうと、「みんな元気です」とのこと、教職員一同何よりほっとしています。これからも学校再開に向けて尽力していきます。引き続きご協力のほどよろしくお願いいたします。(Homework distribution)Homework was distributed on May 7th and 8th. We, teachers, were relieved when we heard that our students were all good from their parents. We will continue to do our best as we prepare for the reopening of the school. We hope for your continued cooperation.




When we came to school this morning, we saw fairies of red clover and white clover in the parking lot. We didn’t see when we left the school the day before. Nevertheless, we were very glad to see the fairies in the morning. These flowers mean “diligent” and “lucky”. We are grateful for this experience.



April.14th「Handmade mask class」

On April 14th, we held a handmade mask class for students that had a shortage of masks as many shops have sold out. We asked some members of the community to help organize the event and we are thankful for those who attended. The students brought in some gauze and handkerchief to make their masks. The masks that were made did not involve using needles. During difficult times we hope this experience has shown the students that it is important to help out others and show a kind heart if others need help in the future. The students felt the community's warm heart and this made them concentrated more on making their masks.



April.7th「Entrance ceremony」

It was a chilly morning on April 7th, but we had 22 new students arrive and showed enthusiasm when their names were read out during the Entrance Ceremony. We are looking forward to them making new friends over the coming years. Let's have a wonderful time at school together.


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